Run a Validator

on Fractal

Validators on Fractal contribute to consensus and participate in network governance based on their staked amount of FRA. The top 100 staked validators earn block rewards for proposing and signing blocks on the network.

As a permissionless, decentralized blockchain, anyone can operate a validator node and start earning block rewards. Fractal offers many resources for validators, including a validator toolbox and Telegram Support Channel.

Democratize Fractal by Becoming a Delegator

Delegators on Fractal vote on which validators participate in consensus by delegating their FRA to specific validators. Delegators split block rewards with validators to earn FRA.

Delegators can set up, and manage their delegations via the Fractal wallet, the Fractal staking portal, or any staking platform that support FRA staking.

Join Fractal Communities

Your feedback and support is critical to the success of any blockchain project, and Fractal is no different. Join our growing communities to share your thoughts, meet like-minded people, and support the multi-chain movement.





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