The FRA Token

FRA powers the Fractal multi0-layer ecosystem. Use FRA to send confidential transactions and earn rewards through staking.

Acquire FRA

The easiest way to acquire FRA is from one of our exchange partners. Transfer your FRA to MetMask to get started in the Fractal ecosystem.

Stake and Secure the Network

The more FRA staked, the more secure the network. Delegate FRA to a validator you trust to start earning. Learn how to stake today.

Secure your transactions

Download the Fractal Wallet to send secured transactions.

Token Highlights

Community Governance

FRA holders will be able to vote on upcoming Fractal Improvement Proposals (FIPs). Individual validators are allowed no more than a 20% vote.

Low Fees

Transactions on Fractal’s multi-chains cost fractions of a penny – perfect for DEXs, games, and transaction-hungry dApps. Our low-gas solution paves the way to a sustainable Web3 world.

Balanced Rewards

Block rewards are balanced by the circulating supply vs staked supply. This mechanism ensures the validators and delegators are adequately incentivized and rewarded.


The Supply of FRA is capped at 21 billion FRA tokens, and transaction fees are burned. The fixed supply and token burning keep FRA deflationary.

Using FRA

Staking Walkthrough

Get a step-by-step walkthrough, from acquiring FRA to earning rewards.

Validator Quick Start

Learn how to spin up a validator node in just 10 minutes

Multisig Wallets

Besides the Fractal Wallet, you can also set up Multisig wallets for FRA and other Fractal tokens

Issue Your Own Tokens

Use the Fractal Wallet to issue your own custom UTXO tokens that have on-chain security built in.

Testnet FRA

Are you a developer looking to build? Here’s where you can get testnet FRA to play with

Emission Schedule

Learn when FRA is released and take a closer look at the FRA unlock schedule

Join Our Communities

Your feedback and support is critical to the success of any blockchain project, and Fractal is no different. Join our growing communities to share your thoughts, meet like-minded people, and support the multi-chain movement.





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