Stake, Secure, Earn

You can stake FRA to earn rewards and secure the network. By staking FRA with a validator, you share in their rewards while helping to secure the network.

Stake your FRA tokens using Metamask today!


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Transfer FRA

The easiest way to get FRA is from Kucoin, BitMart, and 

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Select a Validator,

Stake FRA

You can delegate FRA in your Fractal wallet to a validator to earn rewards. Best practice is to stake with multiple validators in good standing to manage any risk.

EVM FRA staking is coming soon.

Stake On Fractal To

Earn FRA

Staking FRA as a validator or delegator allows you to earn rewards

Build Privacy

Fractal is dedicated to bringing programmable privacy to Web3

Promote Decentralization

The more validators and delegators, the more decentralized the network

Secure Fractal

Ensure the most reliable and deserving validators run the network

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