Applied Zero Knowledge

Fractal is a multi-layer ecosystem powering secure decentralize finance, asset tokenization and on-chain identity and reputation services with applied zero-knowledge encryption.

Secure DeFi

Web3 is about ownership that should not be limited to holding or transferring your digital assets. Ownership also means being able to decide what aspects of those assets you disclose and what aspects to keep secured.

Manage Your On-Chain ID

As on-chain identities are becoming increasingly important, it becomes more and more important for users to control their personal data as they interact with dApps and institutions.

Powered by FRA

All Fractal layers are powered by FRA, the native token of the multichain. Use FRA to pay gas fees and send confidential transactions

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Stake FRA

Stake your FRA to earn rewards while securing the network using your MetaMask wallet on our intuitive staking platform.

Fractal Wallet

Download the Fractal Wallet on desktop or mobile to stake, bridge FRA on the Fractal Confluence bridge, and send secured transactions.

Learn More

Our blogs, videos, and podcast keeps the Fractal community up-to-date on the ecosystem, technology, and the general state of privacy in and out of Web3.

Join Our Communities

Your feedback and support is critical to the success of any blockchain project, and Fractal is no different. Join our growing communities to share your thoughts, meet like-minded people, and support the multi-chain movement.





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