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#Zk Revolution

The Findora community promotes mainstream Web3 adoption through zk technology. We’re a network of people passionate about zero-knowledge education and development.

Become a Delegator

Stake your FRA with a validator to democratize Findora.

Delegators on Findora can determine which validators participate in consensus by delegating their staked FRA to validators of their choosing. Delegators split block rewards with validators to earn FRA.

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Become a Validator

Run a node to decentralize the Findora network and participate in consensus. 

Validators are a critical part of the ecosystem and becoming a validator on Findora is easy by using the Validator Toolbox. Run a validator and take part in the zk revolution.

Featured Community Content

Findora community members are recognized for their support. Create educational content and get your work highlighted on our community page!

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Learn & Stay Informed

Findora content is created for its community of developers and supporters. From YouTube videos to blog articles to podcasts, you have a variety of options to learn about Findora and stay up-to-date on its ecosystem.

Join Findora Communities

Join the Findora communities and get technical assistance from existing validators.

Share your experience with those aspiring to run a validator node!





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