Findora Testnet

Findora Testnet consists of multiple network environments maintained by the Discreet Labs team. Experience upcoming features, participate in testing and offer suggestions.

We look forward to building Findora with you.

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Use your testnet tokens as you build and test your dApps on Findora's testnet environment. Claim your testnet tokens below.

Findora Testnet Wallet

Text reminder, Findora test version wallet can only be used on the test network, please do not use it on the main network


Prism++ supports the transferring of FRC20, FRC721, and FRC1155 tokens between Findora's EVM and UTXO networks. Try Prism++ on Findora's testnet wallet.

Testnet Wallet

Mac OS

Testnet Wallet


Please do not import mnemonic or private keys that own mainnet assets into the testnet wallet

Triple Masking

Keep your wallet addresses private using Triple Masking on Findora. You can download the demo and start experimenting with Triple Masking.

Triple Masking Demo

Mac OS

Triple Masking Demo


EVM Staking

EVM-Staking allows users to stake FRA on the EVM network using Metamask. Developers can also derive more financial services based on the EVM-staking smart contract.

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