The Technology Powering Findora

Findora offers groundbreaking zero-knowledge technology that builds a Web3 foundation for Web2, and builders native to blockchain. Learn about Findora’s Triple Masking, Auditability, Prism++, Zero-knowledge cryptography, and more.

Findora offers products and SDKs to provide developers the access they need to integrate privacy into their Web3 applications.

Landmark Products & Features

Gaming-Optimized Subnets

Findora’s gaming-focused subnets, called Game-Specific Chains (GSCs), allow for horizontal scaling, feature 2-second block times, and come integrated with Findora’s zkGaming SDK.

Developers can deploy their games on Findora’s GSC or launch their own GSC instance. GSCs enable a variety of on-chain game mechanics only possible with Findora’s zero-knowledge solutions.

Triple Masking

Findora’s Triple Masking SDK is perfect for developers building payment dApps. It allows them to encrypt on-chain the transaction amounts, token type, and even sending and receiving wallet addresses. Through selective transparency and compliance tools, Triple Masking brings Web3 to traditional finance.

Asset Tracing & Compliance

Token issuers are empowered to open transaction visibility and record keeping for auditors and blockchain forensic teams. Complying with regulatory oversight and legal investigations is needed to support Web2's institutional adoption of Web3. In a world that’s quickly adopting blockchain technology, it’s critical to combine user protection with auditability and compliance.


Prism++ allows any FRC-20, FRC-721, or FRC-1155 token to be transferred to the UTXO chain for confidential transfers and opens up exciting new use cases. 

Solidity developers can interact directly with the Prism++ smart contract with their smart contracts, paving the way for NFTs, stablecoins, and DEXs all on Findora’s zkLedger.

Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Findora’s technology is possible only with zero-knowledge cryptography.

Zero-Knowledge Proofs allow users to provide evidence that information is verifiably true without revealing the details of that information. Findora leads the way in zero-knowledge research and implementation, using advanced cryptography such as Bulletproofs and Turbo-PLONKs to enable confidential transfers.


Findora uses Bulletproofs, a trustless zero-knowledge cryptographic method optimal for confidential transactions and range proofs.


Turbo-PLONKs are cryptographic methods that can verify complex proofs with less data for improved speed and scalability.

Dual-Layer Architecture

By combining an EVM ledger with a UTXO ledger, Findora lets Web3 developers build smart contracts integrated with next-level zkSDKs. Write smart contracts in solidity with zk functionality.

Zk Auditability

Findora’s UTXO layer is a zkLedger that can encrypt data on-chain and enable unique use cases in gaming, payments, and on-chain credentialing systems.

EVM Compatibility

Developers on Findora can build dApps using Solidity on the EVM "Smart Chain." Simply use Findora’s SDKs to call functions from the UTXO layer and integrate zk features.

Ready to build on Findora?

Deploy your EVM application and use Findora’s SDKs for selective transparency and programmable on-chain visibility. 

Use Findora’s Technology

The Findora EVM-ledger allows Solidity developers to launch their dApp on Findora with ease. Take advantage of Findora’s SDKs and provide selective transparency.

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