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Findora pioneers zk adoption in Web3 to speed mass adoption. Through EVM compatibility, powerful zkSDKs and toolkits, and flexible application-specific subnets, Findora empowers developers to protect users, comply with regulations, and build cutting-edge dApps.

Discreet Labs leads the development efforts behind Findora, combining the reliability and transparency of decentralized, public blockchains, together with the security and privacy of zero-knowledge proofs.

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How Findora

Leads in Applying

Zk Technology.

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Read our beginner's guide to zk and how to use Findora. This article provides an easy-to-follow explanation of how Findora works and the great use cases of zero-knowledge.

Jan 18, 2023

Read about zero-knowledge and how it can be applied to various types of applications in Web3. This guide is written to provide you with an understanding of ZK's potential..

Feb 9, 2023

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