Game Specific Chains

Findora’s new subnets provide an optimal environment for zero-knowledge Web3 gaming. 

Build on Findora's GSC subnet or launch your own GSC today!

Findora’s GSC

Findora’s GSC provides developers a versatile toolkit for building fun, next-gen Web3 games through its zkGaming SDK. It’s fast with 2-second block time, secure, EVM compatible, and uses powerful zero-knowledge cryptography for unique on-chain game mechanics with randomization and provable fairness.

Build your Web3 game on Findora’s GSC

The GSC subnet is perfect for numerous Web3 game genres!

Trading/Battle Cards

Social Deduction

Sliding Tiles


Role Playing

Trading & Battle Card Games

On-chain trading and battle card games can require a deck of cards with a certain number of bonuses or penalties shuffled in. GSC’s zkGaming SDK can randomly shuffle bonus and penalty cards into a deck such that all players can verify the correct number of cards is being used without seeing the order of the cards or any details about them. 

Poker / Casino-Style Games

Texas Hold ‘em is a great example of a card game that requires a random shuffling function. Players know the cards are random without knowing the cards themselves. They can draw and play cards without revealing their full hand.

A Multi-Genre Solution

The technology powering Findora’s zkGaming SDK can be used for a variety of game genres. From RPGs to Sliding Tile games to Social Deduction games, the zkGaming SDK brings the element of surprise to on-chain game mechanics not available elsewhere.

The zkGaming SDK can shuffle more than cards. Developers can apply it to loot boxes, “Go to Jail!" Monopoly cards, Wild Cards in Uno etc. Through GSC, all these types of games can now be built on-chain.

GSC Highlights

Fast Performance

GSCs are subnets deployed on Findora with 2-second block times and have been tested to up to 3,000 TPS. Block times and throughput on Findora's subnets are adjustable based on the needs of the dApp and its community of players.

Verified Randomness & Fair Gameplay

A key feature that GSCs provide is a provably fair experience for players. Using its zk toolkit, GSC provides a zkShuffling function that generates verifiably random outputs that are hidden on-chain and selectively revealed to other players.

Zero-Knowledge Optimized

GSCs are integrated with Findora’s zkGaming SDK and will support zkDID for things like age, in-game rank, and other credentials. This creates a powerful platform for developers to explore new opportunities for Web3 gaming.

100% EVM Compatible

GSCs are 100% EVM compatible, making it easy for Solidity developers to build new games. Built-in toolkits allow developers to incorporate verified random number generation and shuffling through zk without having to learn a zk-specific language.

Tokenomics of GSC

Findora's GSC currently uses wrapped FRA (wFRA) as a gas token.

Players can bridge their FRA from mainnet to Findora's GSC to pay transaction costs, though these costs are minuscule. The gas tokens used on subnets launched for ecosystem partners may vary as they can use their own gas tokens if they choose. At launch, however, Findora's GSC will use wFRA, though that may change in the future.

Launch Your Own GSC Subnet Today!

Developers can request to launch their own GSC if they have or expect high volumes of traffic. By launching a dedicated subnet, developers can ensure their game runs on a stand-alone network with customizable options that best suits their needs.

The GSC architecture is flexible, allowing developers to use their own gas token or adjust the block time. GSCs are also modular, meaning that the consensus, virtual machine, and execution layers can be customized based on the needs of the application.

Ready to Build?

Deploy your EVM game on Fidora’s fast, fair, zk-powered GSC today!

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