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Findora is about to revolutionize Web3 privacy.

Join us for a special announcement at the sponsor stage on Friday, April 28th at 12 PM CDT.

Learn about Findora, its grant program, and an exciting new reveal at Consensus 2023

Event Dates & Location

April 26 - 28

Austin Convention Center

Austin, TX

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Ask us about our grant program!

Build your Web3 applications on Findora with support from the Findora Foundation.

The Findora Foundation is dedicated to growing our ecosystem and providing the support its expanding community of developers needs to launch their products and reach escape velocity.

About Findora

Findora is a Layer-1 blockchain building a future for Web3 where you can expect privacy that’s auditable and programmable.

An innovative layer-1, it uses a dual-chain architecture, combining a native UTXO ledger optimized for privacy with an EVM chain for programmability and interoperability.

Developers can leverage either model as they build dApps with auditable privacy.

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